With the anicipation of finding some more info, user clicked the about button. But to his horror there was just gibberish text which was being recited by the visitor in grave tone. As he continued to read on, a line appeaared


Confused what is generic, the users anticipation increases. Another wild line, this time in different colour(because why not), it reads

WELL, WELL, WELL, let me tell you about me

I am Aviral Agrawal. We live in an era where Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin will tell you all about my personal, hobbies and professional life.

I am a tech enthusiast by heart(but not only that). I love technology, tinkering with things, economics, photography, philosophy, psychology, TED and the list goes on.

(C++ is <3)

This blog is an (or right now is going to be) an amalgamation of everything i come across, hacks, info, knowledge.

Any feedback is welcome. Feel free with suggestions. I will try to imbibe as many as i can.

Thank You

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